Sunday, June 9, 2013

Veet EayWax Voxbox


I got selected to test and try the Veet Easywax System by Influenster. I usually wax at the salon but every other time or so I use an at home waxing kit.  All in all this one ranks at the top. The wax system looks like this:
As you can see there is the base and the removable cartridge which has its own roller.  You can also get separate cartridges with a smaller roller for the underarm, eyebrow, and bikini line.

So I'll start with the bad: It takes a longer than the instructions state to heat up. It says 20-30 minutes but in reality it took about an hour to get to the right temperature.  The other thing is that it cools down way too fast so really the best thing is to leave it plugged in while you work.

Now for the good: It really is fast and easy.  The wax goes on smooth and the strips are of good quality.  The best part: it really works it took my hair right off!!!

All in all this is a good product and I will be buying more wax cartridges but not any time soon because I waxed both legs and only used about a sixth of the wax!
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."