Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Starting Point

Everyone needs a starting point, a place to begin.  This is mine.  This blog will span at least a year and chronicle my experiments in food, crafts, organization and my recent addiction to subscription boxes.  We will interrupt regular scheduled programming now and then for a product/book/movie review, travel destinations or cute pictures of my animals. (2 cats Tigger & Max aka. Moose and my dog Tess) .

I'm not the most skilled at arts and crafts, keeping my home organized, or cooking.  I know there have to be more of us out there.  We see a craft or recipe and we try it.  It doesn't come out the same as the photo but it still works.  So this will be my efforts.  You will see my not so perfect crafts and recipes with tips and hits to make it go a little better for you.

To give you a starting point for me, I'm 29 years old and recently married to an amazing man...who puts up with my crazy craft and organization projects and will try any food I make at least once.

My most recent project was the Grooms-cake for my wedding.  It was a fondant representation of our pets plus my husband playing video games.  I've taken 2 basic Wilton cake decorating classes at the craft store.   I highly recommend them.

Supplies - styrofoam, styrofoam glue, fondant, edible paint, the animal sprinkle set from Wilton, and a paint brush.  If you remember to treat fondant like modeling clay you really can't go wrong.  I chose to make mine non-edible so I would have more time to make it.

The all you really have to do is roll out the fondant to your desired thickness.  I find the thiner the better.  The add the glue to the styrofoam ball just a bit really and run it around vertically and horizontally the slowly mould the fondant over the balls.  From there it's just making facial features And a little paint.

In the future there will be step by step photos and instructions for the projects/experiments.