Graze Box Snack Reviews

My first Graze Box:

Summer Berry Flap Jack – Subtly Sweet berry chewy (Smell sweet like granola) – Like

Bonnie Wee Oat Bakes – onion spread smells like onion soup yummy smell taste like the onions in onion soup only sweeter Crackers smell oatey with a hit of cheddar taste dry, salty, hint of cheddar and almost chivvy  Together a good match  salty and sweet the flavors blend to make a lovely taste in your mouth – Love

Mississippi BBQ pistachios – Smell like BBQ sauce spicy not sweet same with flavor a nice mix - Like

Florentine – Chocolate is yummy dark not too bitter cranberries are just that juicy not too dry pumpkin seeds plain pumpkin seeds  Together good texture and a nice light flavor a good snack - Like

Coming soon + photos

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