Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birchbox November

I have been getting Birchbox for 7 months now.  My husband was getting the Birchbox for men for a few months but it really isn't his thing he is low maintenance   However prior to canceling the men's subscription he found new shaving products he swears by.

I like Birchbox it is consistent in that I always get my money's worth and I always have new quality products to try.  This month was no different.

As you can see I had a little help with my box this morning from my dog Tessa. As usual the box comes with a card listing the products.  This month the Birchbox is supporting The Art of Elysium Normally the products come wrapped in tissue paper but this month we got this cute gift pouch that I can use to send to someone else. I'm guessing I'm sending something to my cousin Hannah Banana because she is the cat's pajamas and P.S. See you soon

 So the first product I pulled out was from Stilla.  It is their all over shimmer liquid luminizer; mine is in Rose Gold Shimmer.  This isn't the best picture.  It is really a light pinkish slighly coral color.  I used it as an eyeshaddow and cheek luminescent this evening and was pleased.  I LOVE the way it looks on my eyelids.  It also makes a great cat toy.

 The next product I pulled out was a lengthening mascara from ModelCo - Fibre Lashxtend.  I also tried this tonight and so far I like it it is a nice black.  It has a mirror on the side of it which is helpful and it really does lengthen and it doesn't bleed; That's important for me since most mascaras just melt on me and make me look like a raccoon after a few hours.  I usually use tube mascaras since they can't do that.  I am pleased with this one though so far so good.

 Next was this divine fragrance.  It is in a roller-ball which I love love love (reminds me of Eloise - I love love  love that book)  Anyway, the Fragrance is from Jouer's Fragrance Cornucopia it is a trio of gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle my 3 favorite flowers.  This scent is light and floral and really just transports you.

 This is the one product I'm really looking forward to trying.  I have thick curly hair so I cannot shampoo everyday or I destroy my hair.  I can't wait to try this hair powder.  I've used the dry spray shampoo's and I've even used baby-powder on a rare desperate occasion so I'm curious to see how this works.  Plus it says it smells like lavender and sage (YUM)
Ok, so not so thrilled for this one right out.  I mean I've tried the apple one before and yuck so I will try it right now for you guys and give you my first impression...Ok not bad not great but not's almost a fig newton like texture and the cranberry is tasty.  It's not going to be my go to snack but this flavor is good and it's a good low calorie snack
The last thing in this box was a coupon code for Chromatic shoes.  The shoes look super cute but they are $88.00 a pair so even with $15.00 off I'm not sure I will end up ordering but I might share this with one of my cousin's or friends that are a little more shoe obsessed than me.

Birchbox is $10.00 a month no S&H Sign up here and use my referral: Birchbox

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