Saturday, November 17, 2012

Julep November

I've really been looking forward to this box.  I stopped painting my nails myself about a year ago so that I could get manicures and have nicer nails for my wedding but now that that is over I'm back to DIY.  Julep has a great selection of colors (made in the USA) and I've heard nothing but great things about their products so when I got the opportunity to get my first box for a penny I jumped on it. 

The one thing I really LOVE about this service is that you can see your box ahead of time and if you don't like the colors or maybe you already have something similar or your just a little broke you can choose to trade for a different box, skip that month, or send it to a friend. 

My first Look: 
I'm a Bombshell (well actually I'm not I'm an American Girl according to my Style Profile but I liked these colors better.  So this was the first look inside of the box and straight away I see 2 bonus samples.
It says these are Glitter Pots.  I've never heard of them but so far I love these colors.  The first is an iridescent white glitter.  The second is a midnight blue glitter.  The instructions say to paint your nails and then sprinkle a bit of the glitter over the wet nail and let dry completely and then apply a top coat.I cannot wait to try these!

 My first nail polish out of the box is a bright coral pink named Gloria.  Not a very winter color but I can see myself using this in spring.

 The second color and the one I was most excited about it a deep plum purple called Viola.  I unfortunately didn't capture the depth of the color but it is so rich and deep.  I LOVE it!  I can't wait to try it with one of the glitters.
The last product in the box is Julep's Essential Cuticle Oil.  If anyone needs cuticle oil it is me.  I work with paper and files all day and my hands and nails really get dried out.  I am looking forward to giving this a try to see if it helps me.  It comes as a roller ball which I like for easy mess free application   The scent is very nice it is a light eucalyptus

If you would like to try Julep it is $19.99 a month. Join here using my referral: Julep

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