Saturday, November 17, 2012

POPSUGAR Must Have Box - November

The box that keeps on giving! 
No really this box is great.  Last month I got a great book and nail polish that I love and I haven't finished the book yet.  These boxes are $35.00 a month and what they contain is always a lot more.

Take a look at this month:

 As you can tell by this first look inside the box my cat Tigger thinks it is a great box and it is packed full of a variety of fun and yummy things.

Smells good mom!

The first thing I pulled out of this box is a set of 3 spices from La Boite.  There is Cancale, Reims, and Yemen.  They all look yummy and fit the fall season.  I'm looking forward to using the Reims the most it has honey, Star Anise, Clove and Spices.  I think it will make a nice sugar cookie.  I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen so this is a great find in this box.

This also came with a recipe card with cooking suggestions on the back

 The next think I pulled out was a set of 6 thank you cards from Snow and Gram.  These are cute and very useful especially with the holiday season coming up. On the back of the card pack is a discount code for free shipping from it is: Sweetness12

Next was a Doughnut mix from Stonewall Kitchen.  I am very familiar with this brand and all I can say is this is going to be divine  Stonewall makes great products from mustard to mixes they are all delicious. Now I don't have a doughnut pan but I'm guessing I can improvise .  The next item which will really be needed after I make the doughnuts is a yoga workout video.   It has 2 workouts on it; the first is a 35 minute Yogalosophy workout and the second is a 55 minute fully loaded challenge which includes the first 35 minute workout with extras.  I think I'm going to enjoy trying this.  I've only tried yoga once and I woke up the next morning to muscles I didn't know I had hurting.  I'll give a review of this video after I try it.

So I am super excited about this item and kinda disappointed too.  Excited because this bracelet retails for about $50.00 and it is very cute and very much my style.  I'm disappointed because it doesn't wrap around 3 times and if I wrap it around 2 times there is a lot of slack. Now I don't believe in complaining about subscription boxes especally when the value outweighs what I paid.  My thoughts are if it isn't for you give it as a give or give it a try you never know untill you try.  Now I really don't want to give this as a gift because I do love it.  I'm going to try to go to the craft store and see what i can find to lengthen the clasp.  So that will be one of my featured craft projects soon.  (fingers crossed that it works)
The last 2 things in this box were really a pleasant surprise.  The first was a $30.00 credit to canvaspop.  As I just got married I'm going to use this to get a discount on a larger canvas I probably wouldn't have been able to afford of a wedding photo. I do love that I could use the 30.00 credit by it's self and not have to pay for a smaller canvas though.  The second card was a credit to Stylemint.  I was a little nervous at first because I am familiar with stylemint and while I like the clothes and concept it just isn't for me.  I am plus size and so they don't make clothes for me.  I was happy to find out though that I could use it at any 'Mint' site and so I settled on Jewelmint and ordered a bracelet   I'll post pictures when I arrives.  So just these to cards plus the above bracelet total $129.00 in value for this box.  Well worth the $35.00 price tag.

If you would like get the PopSugar Must have box it is $35.00 plus S&H which comes out to about 38.00.
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