Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love with Food Box November

So I got my first Love with Food box this Thursday!  The nice thing about this subscription is that they give one meal for every box sold.  Each box is curated  by someone different; this month it was Amy Roloff from TLC's "Little People, Big World". I'm not familiar with this show.  I've seen the commercials for it but I really didn't know what to expect just based on that information.

I really am pleased with my first box though.  Like I thought it's a nice treat and these will be some great snacks for work.  I will go ahead and get Decembers box and then I will cancel this subscription and pick up a new one.  It's a box I really do like but not one that for me I want to get every month but I think every once in a while it will be nice to get especially around the holidays.

 So the box ships like this and it arrived in my mail box.  I live in an apartment and my mailbox is pretty small.  If you get Birchbox this box is about the same size. I think I expected it to be a bit bigger but I'm honestly not disappointed.  This box came jam packed for only $10.00

So this was my first look in side the box it looks packed with yummy snakes and I was supper excited to see  something Pumpkin Spice as I LOVE pumpkin.

Looks Yummy

I'm not a big tea drinker but I'll give this a try. I love that this box came with cider spices.  I've always wanted to try mulled wine.  I'll give it a try and let you know :) 
A Chocolate truffle and 2 cookies you really can't go wrong with that.

Finally a few healthier treats.  The Fruit.0 is like an Apple Sauce but with Mango, Pear and Pineapple.  Yummy!  Then there is the mini crunch from Mrs. May's which I have tried in other flavors before and LOVED.  This one wasn't any different I got the Strawberry Almond and it was delicious.   I really do love Mrs. May's the treats are a healthy snack a great combination of sweet, salty and filling.  This was the first product I tried out of the box.  The second product I taste tested was the Jerky.  It is BBQ Turkey Bak Kwa; the packaging says it is a South east Asian snack.  It smelled a bit sweet upon opening the package.  It was slightly sticky and reminded me of a grilled piece of meat like a hamburger from a fast food restaurant.  I was a little nervous to taste it to be completely honest but upon tasting it thought my opinion changed.  Many jerky's are too salty or chewy to me.This is one is not overly chewy or salty it is light and a tad sweet and very yummy despite the first look. As for the Inka Corn I'm really looking forward to trying these the look delicious.

Finally at the bottom of the package was the typical subscription box card listing all the products.  I like the illustration and the fact that it was on the bottom so I could discover the product myself first as silly as that sounds. There were also 2 bonus cards in this box 1 for $10.00 off at ecomom and 1 for $5.00 of free prints at  I haven't heard of either but I will be checking these out soon

Love with food is $10.00 a month and $2.00 Shipping if you order month to month.  To get $5.00 your first box use code 'Holiday12'

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